Trashy or Talent: That is the QUESTION?

By now I’m sure half of America has seen the infamous you tube video of the seven-year-olds dancing to Beyonce’s hit single “Single Ladies”. Dressed in clothes similar to a bikini these girls mastered dance moves taught in a very high skilled dance class. Minus a few mistakes, the girls showcased precision and other skills they have worked diligently on. So what is all the ruckus about?

This video has been a huge topic on CNN’s Anderson Cooper as well as other local and national news. The comments most viewers are leaving on you tube are insane. In no shape form or fashion is this video equivalent to child pornography nor does it exhibit bad parenting. Ok the last shake move where the girls’ crouch is open towards the camera could have been omitted. But other than that the video shows real talent. They weren’t imitating Beyonce, they were doing a full routine that was probably taught by a professional. I have viewed this video over and over in an attempt to discover why it is causing so much commotion. Now really, if pedophiles are being aroused by this video they are indeed sick individuals who deserve to rot in jail. Sorry, but that’s being honest. However, all I see is a bunch of talented young girls doing various moves from their ballet, lyrical, and hip hop dance classes. The song “Single Ladies” itself is not even that bad. Might be a little to early for children this age to contemplate marriage but all in all it was not a bad selection. I am not going pull the race card,but I will say that out of the millions of videos that show children dancing and doing other inappropriate actions why was this one chosen to start a riot? Every day an irresponsible parent uploads home videos of their child mimicking moves that are far from appropriate. There are hundreds of other young kids dancing to this same song. However, not much attention is paid to those particular videos. My question is why not? I have my own thoughts but I’ll leave that for a different blog later down the road.

These girls did not wake up and make up a dance one day. They were competing in WOD (World of Dance), the largest US urban dance competition. So I’m sure they were given strict guidelines as to what was expected and what was unacceptable. I am also sure they went through a rigorous training to prepare for this moment. The time and money spent on this competition by parents and coaches; not to mention the reputation and money involved with the WOD, this all proves that these adults would not allow girls this age to participate in any routine seen as soft porn or child pornography. These young girls probably knew nothing about gyrating or being seductive until the over exposure and lewd comments started rolling in.

Good Morning America interviewed one of the dancer’s parents and they both hit the nail on the head with their response. The mother said that people need to realize that this dance was not a world-wide showcase, but instead a dance competition. An acceptable environment for what the girls were doing. I agree with her. That makes me think the problem is not the dance or outfit but the people who continuously post the video just to get negative feedback. Like the parent said you have to take the entire matter into consideration by putting it into the proper context. Their clothes and dance moves were appropriate for the dance competition not to be posted and viewed by millions.

Dancing has been a part of our culture for ages. Like the parent said, what the girls were doing was appropriate for the environment. It has now been taken out of context and blown off the map. You must realize that they were dancing, and when you are dancing you wear certain types of clothes so you are able to move and showcase your skills. You also do dances that are not normally seen outside of a dance competition. WOD mission is to focus on “new aged choreography”; and this video is an example of just that. Some of you individuals need to pull out your time capsule and catch up with the rest of the world. In the “world of dance” this is acceptable. To the people who are baffled and frustrated by this video, if you really want to help our youth, volunteer your time and service to the many organizations geared toward helping children. There are a lot of kids needing guidance and mentors with far more important issues than this. Now is the time to drop this and focus all of your energy elsewhere.

If you are one of the few people who haven’t had the chance to see the video I have posted it below. I have also posted the ABC interview with the girls and parents.


It’s Hard To Say Goodbye :(

My last blog for this class. Wow! This moment is bittersweet. Don’t get me wrong I love blogging, but this has been a rough semester (not class)and having to blog at a certain time on a certain topic kind of bugs me. I guess because my idea of blogging is to blog when you have the urge on any topic. Overall, these assignments have taught me a lot. I wanted to blog before I began this class but I was totally lost as to what to blog about, what appearance it should have, and what website to use.  I would like to thank this class for being my stepping stone and allowing me to test the waters. Since I first wanted to blog I started to randomly read other people’s blogs. And to be honest, compared to how I have been blogging in class my blog sucks :(. After class I plan to read even more people’s blogs both professionals and people who like to blog for entertainment to better my blogging skills. I know I need to be more versatile about what is going on in the world and to also expand my vocabulary. Another change I plan to make is to start reading more. In the past I have discovered that by me reading and being cognizant of other things I have produced better work when it comes to my writing; and I believe me falling behind on that has kept my blogs from being all they could possibly be. I always read the comments students wrote on my blog. Not only do I like to let people hear or read how I feel I like to hear and read how others feel as well. It let’s me know who and how my blog is affecting people and any feedback is always good. But before I begin another blog geared toward my professional career I plan to continue reading others more often, improve my mechanics and grammer, and become more creative in order to give my blog that extra hmph. Now I would like to take this time to thank Professor Wynn for requiring us students to engage in this technology because I cannot count the number of professionals I have come in contact with that have told me that I need to start blogging NOW. And even at Mass Communications Day the same message was reiterated. I just regret that I have not taken advantage of this and now I feel like I am far behind. But that is okay. I am not going to dwell on the past. Graduation is around the corner and I will be ready to devote all of my time to marketing myself and creating a wonderful blog. Until then I will use this site for personal use and practice, because I more than need it. So don’t think this is the last time, this is only the beginning. Check back periodically, because I will be posting the link to my one of a kind blog site in the near future. Veni, vidi, vici!

I think I Understand?!!

Long time no blog! Well let me start off by being honest. I do not have the textbook and when I realized that this blog required a reading from the text I was (still am) hundreds of miles away from the closest person with a book. However, just by reading the topic I am going to attempt to blog from MY point of view; and like always I may add a little twist.

With that being said shall we begin? Being familiar with something does not mean it is understood. This saying is true for not only media but everything actually. When the latest device hits stores everyone repeats what the commercial says about it and immediatly think they know everything. Most people, even myself, never bother to research about a certain device and sometimes they simply fail to read the direction enclosed with the equipment. Lately I have tried to stop this bad habit because I am limiting myself from learning all there is to know. Up until now I would laugh at my sister when she bought something new. She would always read the manual, read what the manufacturer says, and then read blogs and other comments ordinary people have posted about the device. This seemed very time consuming and boring to me.  Now that I am older and more mature I have realized that doing this research helps you become more acquainted with the device you have spent so much money on. In today’s society people make devices so smart and savy that they are capable of doing almost anything, good or bad. And that can be a problem when someone who does not have all the information about a certain device uses it the wrong way. Some people waste money on buying something new when their old device is able to perform the same task. Or people misuse what they do know about certain technological devices. I am more than positive that if people would stop rushing and trying to just “own” the new Iphone, or Ipad, or MP3 player it would cut down on cyper violence and nudity and a lot more. We could also strengthen ourselves in a lot of other areas as well. Ask yourself this question, when was the last time you used the internet on  your phone for anything other than a class assignment or for social networking sites? Tell me how fast is the internet you use? What about what does MP3 stand for? What is internet? My point is we need to stop being ignorant and take the time and become informed.

This week I have not been on the internet much nor have I visited any sites that could benefit me in any real way.

But I did manage to visit these sites below: have to look at their homepage each day to at least get the top stories.

After reading about Ronald Mason’s interview at SUBR I googled his name out of cuoristy. I was amazed at the different sites and stories about him. Here is one:

A change is needed

I do not know much about the regeneration plan and before I began this blog I researched a little about it. I am not sure how most will react when I say this, but it is not all that bad to be honest. Whenever change is discussed people get ready to petition and decline without knowing what the change will bring. As a Jackson State student that becomes teary eyed whenever I here my alma matar I can say I am always looking out for what is best for my university. Let’s face it, Jackson State is behind because we are an HBCU and as an HBCU. I hate talking to my friends from other schools about how this university is capable of achieving so much but can’t seem to change anything but parking. From the looks of this regeneration it will begin to put us on the path we need to be. Hopefully this will make people see the education we receive here as equal to other schools elsewhere. By looking at the powerpoint it is suppose to strengthen the liason between students, teachers, and the community. This is what Jackson State needs. We need help from everyone at this point. As of now teachers only put out information. There is really not a time to see if students have grasped the information for longer than a scheduled test. Like media everything is changing and we are being left behind. Maybe by upgrading things we will be able to accomplish more. As far the department of Mass Comm nothing can hurt it worse than it already is at this point. It is sad to say but our department is one of the worst on campus and ANYTHING will improve it.  The timing of this is a little suspicious, but then again it was no secret that Jackson State is in need of help. People who try to tie this with the merger and everything is only causing problems. There are ways to agree to this and still prevent a possible merger in the future. What better time to put this out than now? People may say why so late in the year, but WHO CARES? It is out now that is irrelevant let’s do what needs to be done at this point. I want ALL Jackson State students to be able to compete with students from Howard, Stillman, Ole Miss, Yale and other great universities. It is our time to stand up and be the change we want to see. Changing our image, professors, and recruiting different types of students is what our university needs at this point. Am I for the name change? No. Am I for the merger? No. I believe if we dealt with changing JACKSON STATE we could prosper a lot more. We need to stop running away everytime someone says they have a new idea. It is okay to be skeptical but at least here them out. Like I stated earlier I am not very up to date about the entire generation but the powerpoint has me wanting to know more. It is sad to say but during the talk of the merger and looking at the current status of Jackson State I lost all hope for this institiution. Last week I even tweeted that Jacob University is sounding like a great idea and Jackson State has died and gone to hell. I sometimes feel that way and I shouldn’t. So instead of blasting my dear old college home via social networking sites I am ready to see what is needed to take this school in a new direction. Even if the regeneration is not what is needed I am determined to help find out what is. If that means getting on committees and making my own suggestions as well. Our department can start improving what we do by writing about it, blogging about it, doing student polls. We are the media literate students on campus so why not use our skills to talk about something other than Lil Wayne and Gucci Mane going to jail. Most of us have hundreds of followers that religiously read our tweets. We could start tweeting about things that matter. It is a lot to be done and now is the time to start.

This week I have spent a lot of time on This is a RESEARCH database I use to find information about different things.

I also filled out applications online at

The Millennials

No matter what the survey may be, whether it is a poll about starting a networking site, or someone logging on to view videos, pictures the Millennials top each list as the group who has the larges consumption rate when dealing with the internet. The group next to the Millennials are known as the Generation X group. Although similar, members of this zodiac group deal with differences and hardships on a daily bases. For example, the millennials are likely to join a site before researching the purpose. The Generation X group will have to have a clear understanding about what is going on and what is needed. The Generation  X group does not want to get with the Millenial and their habits. Participating in a participatory activity is a great way to grasp an understanding of yourself. When we are so wrapped up in different media we tend to lose ourself and our personality. The down to this is falling behind financially. Not only is this type of media done by the younger crowd but older as well. No one wants to be left behind by having events to accurately observe some people. Like everything in life, too much of something is bad. When you over use a prodcut or take someone or something for granted it is not always easy to fix the problem. So when you ask is google making us stupid I respond yes, but to a certain extent. Google has become a clutch for us. No one wants to actually do research or go to a library. they would much rather not sittin in the library, anything to be honest. I don’t think they cook the food the correct way. Because of  google people are inquiring about things they wouldn’t normally want with it. Now sometimes they do not take credit but its all the same who cares. Well since I am a part of the Millennials i better start working so I can get in everything lol!

This week I visited two sites. The sites are below: This site is used so I will be able to search whatever I need. LOL I am currently in the process of purchasing different products used at stations so I will be familar with them.

Media not Dress the problem

I was totally disgusted with this article. I am obsessed with entertaiment news and knowing things about stars lives, but this story is not a story at all. This is Fox News once again using their power to ridicule people. Out of all the stories that could have gotten lime light they would rather worry about how Gabourey Sidibe will be getting a dressed made. Its not the story so much but the angle of the story. Stories are published all the time about who will be the lucky designer to design a new star’s wardrobe. Unlike those stories, this one is concerned with if top designers are capable of making a dress to fit her. This is a perfect example of how media has been distorted. Why would someone even think about a matter such as this. I am glad my group’s case study is on the influence the media has on youth. Because of stories like this children have a certain image of how they are suppose to look. Young children already think that being fat is the worst thing that could ever happen. Don’t get me wrong it’s not okay to be overweight but it’s not right to talk about people who are. I did not see many people firing back at the story as to say this is not true, which is another problem. When stories are one-sided like this one it makes it easier for children or people in general to automatically believe it. Due to the strong influence the media has on people they should attempt to get the story right and stop being biased. The sad part of this story is that if Sidibe indeed wins the Academy Award she will have designers across the country wanting her to wear their newest designs and news reporters everywhere longing to have that special one on one. So why should she be taunted and laughed at right now since she is “unimportant”? The media needs to step up really fast and remember it’s purpose. The media is sort of a role model. What they put out their are millions of people in the world who take the information in and live by it. Because who could possibly think that the media would lead them in the wrong direction?

This week I have visited I used this site because it gives me updates about career opportunites available for me.

I also visited This site gives you information about what you can do with your degree and shows you available positions.

Media :YUCK: Makes me want to BARF!

How can I say this so that everyone can at least try understand what I am saying? Okay, first off. Media is over-rated. It is far too much going on at this time in the world of media. So much to the point where one does not have time to even take in the information. The documentary digital natives was very informative. It proved my point of media being over used even more. To me it was sad to see the students at MIT have that much going on that they could not give their professor their 100 percent attention. Who cares if they are capable of multitasking? Call me old fashion but respect is the real principle of this situation. I know I am guilty of doing other things while in class, but unlike the MIT students it is not a necessity. One young woman said that she panics when her blackberry is not in arms reach. That is not advancing in my eyes, that is absolutely sad. 

I believe I am more than removed. There is no way that I can imagine myself being that addicted to the media and its new trends. I do enough just so I can stay updated and not feel like I am living alone in 19th century. But it does not affect my everyday life. As a young mother of a 1-year-old, I often ponder on how he will be. Right now like all young children phones and computers fascinate him. Not because he knows its purpose (or does he?) but because of the look. I believe that is mainly the reason a lot of people become addicted to these means of technology. But as I was saying, I do not want my son robbed of his childhood, however, I do not want him to lack the knowledge of knowing how to use these advanced materials. I am struggling to keep social skills alive in his life. It really made me smile as I was writing this blog to see him with a pen and paper scribbling. A lot of children have forgotten how to do simple things such as that. Although the kids at MIT are supposed to be the cream of the crop I believe they are living in a fairy-tale land. Sorry, but  I can not interact with a person who practically lives through technology. Technology allows you to create a false personality, show sides that you would not show in person and etc. How could you take someone who lives their life like this serious? I understand the world is constantly changing and its suppose to benefit everyone; but because you change that does not mean forget other skills, which is the case today.

Because of this media overload it is causing me to stray away from this field. I was attracted to mass communications because it allowed me to show the real me and interact with others. With the latest technological advancements in this field I may never come close to interacting with anyone, they may send me a tweet or skype me. WHAT?! The real reason Oprah is retiring is because people are able to gather information else where which makes her show useless. Since I am a senior I am searching for a job so that I will not have to go to graduate school. Unfortunately I have not been so lucky. Television stations literally want you to know how to use every advanced media device known to man, and the other jobs I am capable of are being held captive by senior citizens who do not know how to do anything else. So where  does that leave me? Preparing for a career in teaching! Although I am preparing to teach in the fall, I still have passion for this field that refuses to be stagnant. That is why some way and some how I am going to jump on the media bandwagon and ride my career to the top!

Something else that shocked me was the vast amount of people who were supposedly at Superbowl parties that were constantly tweeting or facebooking! Why go to a party when you are not going to interact with the people who are there? Some people were even tweeting others who were in the exact same room. This further proves that we have no social skills anymore. This is not the only time things like this happen, last night everyone was tweeting about the club, it happens during class church, and everywhere else. I feel like if you are that attached to your device then maybe you and your device should crawl into a hole or lock yourself in the room together and live happily ever after.  I always have gatherings at my house and a lot of the time people are on laptops and phones instead of talking to the other people present. WHY DO WE WANT TO LIVE OUR LIFE BEHIND SCREENS? There is nothing wrong with being the best or learning new things, but sometimes you have to slow down and breath. Enjoy life and what you have before you rush back into a dark room with a new bright idea. Well maybe I have said enough and expressed my strong dislike for all the commotion so I will end on this note.

This week I searched This site helps prepare me for Praxis 1 and 2.

I also searched I use this site to find places that are currently hiring. This week I was lucky to discover that several radio stations in New Orléans were hiring.